100% Formaldehyde Free Keratin Smoothing Treatment

100% Formaldehyde FREE even when heated


3 uses in 1 bottle:

‚Äč- 4 month treatment

- 6 week booster

- K Fusion Express treatment


Certified to be safe on children and pregnant/breast feeding women

K Fusion has been developed by Keratin industry specialists DNL Hair in London and for the first time is now being distributed throughout the USA by Class Holdings of Sarasota FL.. K Fusion, by L'Kerabelle. So, what makes K Fusion special? The answer is simple. Hand on heart we can say it's 100% Formaldehyde Free EVEN WHEN HEATED. Our tests prove that it's safe to use on pregnant and breastfeeding women and those who have had chemotherapy. Want to know more? Contact us now.

K Fusion by L'Kerabelle